Best Wireless Earbuds In 2019

As phones all start ditching the headphone port you may be facing the pressure to go wireless, there are heaps of options, and the most expensive is not always the best.

Here are truly wireless earbuds that balance performance and price making them our most popular earbuds of the year.

What are truly wireless earbuds?

Truly wireless earbuds do not have any wires at all, both left and right channels are separately powered devices. This means you can use one both or even share one with another person.

These style earbuds come with a storage box that also charges them when they are not being used.

Top Truly wireless earbuds

Blitzwolf FYE5

Cool blue earbuds are our most compact buds available and are IP6 waterproof.
The minimalist Xiaomi earbuds are our most expensive but offer great style and sophistication.

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