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    Product description:

    DPS series products are a three-window four-bit high-precision switching DC regulated power supply , which can display voltage , current and power at the same time . Products are widely used in mobile phone maintenance , computer maintenance , school and production line use , its output voltage and output current can be continuously adjusted between 0 and nominal value .

    Power supply stability and ripple coefficient are very good, with USB fast charging function and perfect short circuit protection circuit . It is small in size , beautiful in design , convenient in operation , and can work long hours at full load It is loved by the vast number of users .



    Model: DPS3010U

    Output voltage: 0-30V for 3010U

    Output current: 0-10A for 3010U

    Output power: 300W for 3010U

    Auxiliary output: USB Quick Chang 18w, Supports multiple quick charging protocols

    Input voltage: AC110V, 60HZ

    Working TEMP 0-40℃ ; Humidity : 80 % RH

    Storage TEMP -10-70℃ ; Humidity : < 70 % RH

    C.V: Voltage stability ≤0.1 % + 3mv; Load stability≤0.1 % + 3mv; Ripple noise :≤20mvrms ( Effective value )

    C.C:Current stability ≤0.1 % + 3MA; Load stability≤ 0. 2 % + 3MA; Ripple noise : ≤5mArms (Effective value)

    Protection mode:Current limiting protection / short circuit alarm stop output and self-recovery

    Display: Four-digit digital tube , three-window display

    Accuracy : 0 . 5 % + 3digit

    Resolution :Voltage 0.01V; current 0.001A

    Product size: L225mm x W90mm x H145mm

    Weight: 1.8kg

    Fuse: 2A for DPS305U/3A forDPS3010U/3A forDPS605U


    Operation instructions:

    There are two modes of power output : constant voltage output ( C V ) and constant current output ( C C ) . The output mode is determined by the voltage and current values set by the user and the load that the user receives . The output voltage or current value of the power supply will not exceed the voltage and current value set by the user. In the constant voltage mode , the output voltage is equal to the voltage set by the user. In constant current mode, the output current value is equal to the current value set by the user.

    Voltage Regulation

    1. Adjust the voltage roughly to the required voltage value , the fine-tune the knob to the required specific voltage value
    2. In general , the current knob can be adjusted to the maximum , and then the load can be connected for use

    Current regulation

    When the user needs to adjust the limiting current output

    1. firstly , adjust the voltage to about 5-10V , then short-circuit the positive and negative terminals with wires ( short-circuit alarm needs to be set to C C position )
    2. Adjust the current to roughly adjust the knob to the required current value , and then fine-tune the knob to the required specific current value
    3. After disconnecting the short-circuit conductor and adjusting the required voltage by voltage regulation ” method , the connection load can be used

    Packing List

    1 x whole machine

    1x Power cord

    1x Output Load Line

    1x Instructions