Bakon BK969D Constant Temperature Soldering Station (480°C, 65W)


Intelligent lead-free soldering station: BK969D

Operating Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ

No-load standby power: 180°C~480°C

Max instantaneous power: ≤5W

Rated power: 65W

Temperature stability (no load): ±2°C

Resistance of soldering iron tip to ground: <2Ω

Voltage from iron tip to ground: <2mV

Dimension: L128xW104xH79mm

Net/Gross weight: ≈0.8Kg/≈1.0Kg

Accessories: Bk905 handle, BK1321S heating element, Bk515 soldering iron stand, Bk900M soldering iron stand

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