BSD 101 S1/4 & BSD 102



  1. Original Motor, Small Current, Low Temperature, High Safety Performance.

  2. Imported Alloy Steel Screwdriver Head, Wear Resistance, Long Service Life.

  3. Braking Performance Is Good, Instantaneous Braking.

  4. Alloy Steel Gear Set, Good Wear Resistance, Stable Work.

  5. Shell With Engineering Plastics, Impact Resistance, Drop, Life More Durable.

  6. Smooth Appearance, Feel Comfortable, Easy To Fatigue For A Long Time, So That Work Easier


  1. Input Voltage:220V AC

  2. Rated Voltage: DC36V

  3. Rated Power: 36W

  4. Torque: 0.51-15.3kgf.Cm

  5. Idling Speed: 1100rpm

  6. Applicable Screw Diameter: 1.6-4

  7. Weight: 445g


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