UNI-T UTP1306S DC Power Supply- 32V, 6A


– Rated output voltage 0~32V
– Rated output current 0~6A
– Output Power 192W
– Load regulation rate Voltage: <0.3%+5mV
– Current: <0.2%+3mA
– Power regulation rate Voltage: <0.3%+5mV
– Current: <0.2%+3mA
– Set resolution Voltage: 10mV
– current: 1mA
– Readback resolution Voltage: 10mV
– current: 1mA
– Setting accuracy: (25°C±5°C) Voltage: <0.5%+5mV
– Current: <0.2%+3mA
– Ripple and noise: (20Hz~20MHz) Voltage: ≤10mVrms , Current: ≤2mArms
– Display type LED digital tube display
– voltage AC 220V±10%
– frequency 50Hz/60Hz
– Size (W*H*D) 80mm × 150mm × 230mm
– weight 2 kg

– The UTP1306 S(SMPS) power supply is an economical switching DC power supply with a single output.
– 32V/6A
– Voltage/current display resolution: 10mV/1mA
– Four-digit voltage and current display
– Overvoltage/overcurrent/overtemperature protection
– Three groups of one-button call memory values
– Can be set Flow/overvoltage protection value
– Independent output switch
– Operation button can be locked

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