YIHUA 939BD+ Lead Free Soldering Station


Model Name/Number 939BD+
Display Type YES

Product Description

Working voltage 220 V, EU plug
Iron power 75W
Iron heater element type 131A (ceramic)
Temperature control type PID controller
Iron Sleep Yes
Iron shutdown function Yes

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High quality soldering station capable of doing lead free soldering. It uses 75W Japan made heater which ensures the long life and reliability of the product. A sensor inside the iron detects when it is not in use and enters standby mode (at 200 C) and shutdown. The sleep and shutdown times are programmable.


Model Number: YH-939BD+
Input Voltage: 220V
Output Temperature: 200-480 °C
Power consumption: 75W
Iron cable type: Soft silicone
Heater type: High quality, made in Japan
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